Dutch as a second language (NT2)

Beginners (A0 to A2)

This course is suitable if you do not speak Dutch or just a few words.

You learn, among other things:

  • using verbs in the present and past tense
  • correct sentence structure of single sentences
  • plural nouns
  • the use of the word 'er'

Advanced (A2 to B1)

This course is suitable when you can save yourself in Dutch when it comes to everyday matters. You can tell who you are, shopping, tell what work you do etc.)

You learn, among other things:

  • verbs conjugate in the past tense
  • create compound sentences
  • extension of sentence structure
  • verb constructions

Preparation Exam NT2-II (B1 to B2)

This course prepares you for the state exam NT2-II. At the end of this course you are able to work and study in Dutch.

You learn, among other things:

  • listening strategies for messages on radio, TV or internet
  • reading strategies
  • writing formal and informal texts (letters)

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